Tuesday, April 11, 2017

by Glenda-Lee Vossler | SwiftCurrentOnline.com

Farmers have been watching the construction of the new fertilizer plant at the CPS site at Morse. Friday they had a chance to tour thru the new $6.5 Million dollar state of the art facility.

CPS Site Manager Bob Olynick says the plant has a total storage capacity of 10, 500 tonne. He says they’ll be able to better serve their customers since the load out or turnaround time is so quick:

"They're talking 20 minutes, 20 minutes a load. We'll be happy with two loads per hour, and the reason is, you're looking at tarping, un-tarping, moving, sweeping, all those types of things. I know a forty-two tonne batch takes a little less than twenty minutes. You take all the other factors in on it, then you're looking at half an hour."

Olynick says they’ll be able to have more inventory on hand for producers noting the storage capacity is one of the biggest advantages:

"Our old blender that we had was a batch type, 350 tonne was all we could do. So when you had to coordinate 350 tonne out, then you had to coordinate 350 tonne in. Now when we're looking at 10,500 tonne here, so whenever a fellow was ready to go, it would go."

The fully computerized system is very efficient, he says last Tuesday they blended out 600 tonne and took in about 1100 tonne.